Roof systems

Light. Efficient. Modern.

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Inviting and relaxing

Our roof systems provide a simple and elegant solution for bringing extra light into your space while still being efficient and economical. The extra light provided by our roof lights or lanterns can make your space feel much more relaxed and inviting, and even feel larger than it actually is.

Constructed with care and with a view of security, maintainability and logevity, our roof systems are designed to last for years. They're built with the highest quality materials and are built to be easy to maintain.

A large roof lantern spanning the entire roof of a house extension

Intelligent engineering

By using modern and advanced construction techniques, our roof systems surpass all structural strength and durability requirements, despite their elegant and slim design.

Just like our other aluminium products, our roof systems are fully customisable to your needs and style. We can offer a variety of colours, finishes and profiles to add an extra layer of uniqueness to your home.

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A roof lantern above a modern and contemporary living room

Features of our roof systems

Our roof systems include roof lights and lanterns which can bring a lot of natural light into your home, making your space more inviting, relaxing and airy. They are also easy to maintain and can be installed quickly.

Minimalist & sophisticated

Clean lines and a sleek profile for a modern style


U values as low as 1.1W/m2k for excellent thermal performance

Double or triple glazing

Choose from double or triple glazing options

Low maintenance

High-quality construction requires minimal maintenance